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Enter the world of Nune Lusparian, a Mexican-Armenian who struggles to fit in, but is deemed the high school's ugly duckling.  The bullied teenager rejects the norm and ideals held by the popular athletes, the affluent, and the status quo—including being straight. When Briana, an American beauty cheerleader with a bleeding heart, charms Nune, their separate universes merge and both girls begin questioning everything in their realities.

When writing the script for NUNE the "Q" in the acronym of LGBTQ stood out to writer-director Strangeway.  The "Q" in LGBTQ stands for either Queer or Questioning. It's the questioning that the world of NUNE examines.  NUNE goes beyond a short film about coming out as it takes on timeless questions that teens of all backgrounds and identifications struggle with.  While the characters in NUNE question their sexuality, they also question love itself—something all teens can relate to.  

NUNE was inspired by Strangeway's love for the "The Ugly Duckling" fairytale, which she feels has timeless resonance and is a valuable reminder of the special nature of being different and lessons in peacefully overcoming abuse. The filmmaker hopes NUNE's message will quell feelings of alienation among teens who often cope with pain by internalizing it through self-harm or destructive acts of aggression.  Her remedy is told in a love story.

"I wanted to make something exhaustively beautiful," says Strangeway. "Today, there is too much violence, too much cynicism and numbing of our senses that gives us permission to become detached passersby watching others get hurt, whereas sensitivity ought to be treasured. NUNE is about the permission to feel pain and love honestly, rather than escape from it."

NUNE Short Film Premieres at Queens World Film Festival in LGBTQ 2016 Lineup

Fifteen-year-old Nune creates a fantasy world to escape the pain of bullying and social rejection. But her archenemy's girlfriend, a model cheerleader with a bleeding heart, keeps luring her near. 
Stars: Brianna Joy Chomer and Jessica Lauren. Written and directed by Ji Strangeway.

Mar 01, 2016, 08:40 ET from GYATRi MEDIA