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Combat lady

With an impish grin, Geppetto-like mustache and a flourish of paint on canvas, artist Carl W. Röhrig, 63, of Dottikon, Switzerland, opens a window into another universe in a video published March 22 ...

Lalit Bhusal

Meeting Oznur Cifci

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MMG had the opportunity to speak with London based actress Oznur Cifci who will be the lead actress in Cam Buddha Films forthcoming production, Crushed Wings

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Carl W. Röhrig

Lalit Bhusal is an award winning filmmaker. Most of his work is based on human right issues; he is working on his forthcoming feature film Crushed Wings under the...

fgm in asia

Fifteen-year-old Nune creates a fantasy world to escape the pain of bullying and social rejection. But her archenemy's girlfriend, a model cheerleader with a bleeding heart, keeps luring her near.

Ji Strangeway Film

​Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.

    Amy Jo Martin

Eren is a guy with deep family values. Yet he holds within him an even deeper and darker secret which can compromise not just his family but his whole existence.


Visual artist and a crafts facilitator, Aliya Khan is a British-Bangladeshi woman, who since from early age has had an eye for arts and fashion. For many years Aliya wasn’t able to pursue dreams of either..

NUNE Short 

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Meeting Aliya Khan

Harleen Kaur 

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aged 17 and the WMKF World Champion Silver Medallist is a martial arts competitor, training for nearly 10 years Harleen is also a 2nd Dan Black belt in Karate; she currently trains...

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